Well today was pretty shit..

So today started off well. Took my son to school and met up with  friends for a bitch and a natter. We went for a coffee and then for a little stroll. Sun was shining, lovely jubley. Then I  went round and had another coffee with another friend at her house.

At about half 11 I made my short journey home to do the housework and get prepared for my work out. This is where I made my first mistake. I didn’t prepare at all! There’s me getting all cock sure of myself, oh I’ve managed it the last few time blah blah blah. Forgetting this is only my fifth or sixth workout. I’d had 2 coffees and no water so was probably dehydrated before I even started. I forgot to chuff on my inhalers that morning so my lung capacity was reasonably dodgy and to finish off my list of  mistakes I had only eaten a banana before attempting the mammoth hour of cardio. What a twat I am. I got to round 7 feeling pretty worse for wear, more tired than I remembered feeling previously. My breathing was all over the place and my legs where already buckling. By round nine I was gagging and my tummy was sloshing around like crazy. What I must have looked like today I can’t even bare to think about, crazy sweaty panting wobbly woman grunting at the floor. I don’t know how I found the will to finish it but through sheer stupid determination I finished all 12 rounds. I didn’t even have the time to feel proud for powering through because I was to busy feeling like I’d just done 10 rounds with mike Tyson. I was rough for hours, shaky and nauseated and just exhausted. I downed a pint of water and ate a few grapes as its all my sickly tummy could manage. A few hours later I was reminded that I have to children that needed feeding, which meant peeling my ass off the sofa and cooking dinner. Thankfully as soon as I started cooking my stomach seemed grateful of the reminder of food and my body seemed to adjust accordingly.


This meal was my recovery and I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed it. Garlic and herb Philadelphia light stuffed chicken breasts wrapped in bacon (fat removed, obviously) with slimming world fritters, beans and salad. Other than feeling completely stuffed because I pretty much inhaled it, I feel fine now apart from the general post workout aches and the fact I’m still pretty tired.


So note to self; I am not Mr. Motivator quite yet, I’m still ridiculously unfit and need to prepare my body accordingly. A banana and coffee is not suitable fuel for me to do an hour of gut wrenching exercise. Drink more water so I don’t feel like a slug in summer sun. The positives behind today’s mishap is that I now know how to avoid feeling like a bag of shit for the rest of the day after a workout. I can’t blame my next chocolate binge on lack of will power as today has proved I have more of that than I ever knew possible!


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