Going the full 12 rounds with Charlotte Crosby!

Well today was my planned exercise day. And if you’ve read through my blog you will know that I purchased Charlotte’s 3 minute belly blitz. I have just finished my fourth try and I managed to finish all 12 rounds! Obviously I followed the beginners steps and round 10, 11 and 12 where about as sloppy as they can get (but then I am a wide and wobbly in her first week of any real form of exercise).
Well Slap my ass and call me sweaty, the first 6 rounds where definitely a fraction less hellish than the last time I did it and it doesn’t even compare to my first attempt!  Don’t get me wrong it’s still incredibly fucking hard. I did still cry at one point, can’t remember which round but I know it involved these weird froggy push up things that pretty much ended me and I very nearly stopped.
I don’t know if its normal or not but towards the end and after the work out I get so ridiculously emotional! I’m unsure whether its due to to amount of pain I’m trying to push myself over, if its because of sheer determination and a hint of pride that I managed something inconceivable to me or if its just some weird female hormone thing? Maybe its just me and I’ve just made myself look like an utter twat by vowing to keep this post completely honest. I’d still be really interested to see whether anyone else experiences the same and can shed some light on the matter so I can prepare myself for these embarrassing moments off twatery will continue or cease to exist. I thoroughly hope its the latter or the gym is out of the question for me!
Post workout selfies highlighting my emotional episodes.

I didn’t actually intend to do anymore than the 6 rounds I’d previously done but for some reason I found d the will to power through. I’d love to say I’m enjoying it and I can now understand why all those exercise junkies do it but I’m not there yet. I doubt I ever will be. I honestly can’t ever see me enjoying putting my body through such torture! The aches and pains I feel after are never something I can see myself enjoying either, I can seriously feel muscles that I didn’t know existed. Maybe its purely because I’m so used to making my fat sluggish body do anything. Only time will tell. I’m more determined now than I was yesterday and I hope that feeling keeps coming. I’m really enjoying these feelings of motivation and having a personal goal to achieve that a few months ago would have seemed completely unattainable but now seems bizarrely doable.
Today was a hallelujah moment for me so I’m just going to enjoy that for now.




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