And it begins. My food diary week one

So I shall be posting my food diary every Wednesday as that’s my weigh in day. This week I’m weighing in on Friday as the legion is getting a new carpet fitted. So its D day for me tomorrow with my first weigh in!


This is what the food diary looks like, you are asked to fill it in for your first 4 weeks as a member. You have to write it as you eat and absolutely everything that passes your lips must be recorded. Its a pretty good monitoring tool. It does end up a crusty, splashed and scribbled mess though hence why I will typing it out also.
Day 1
Coffee + 1 sugar (1 syn)
Grapes and strawberry with weightwatchers yogurt
Porridge oats (30g HEX.b *)
Pasta ‘n’ sause macaroni and cheese (1.5 syns)
Jacket potato
Dairylee light (2x triangles HEX.a)
Baked beans
Grapes and Strawberry’s with 0% fat Greek style yogurt
Honey tbsp( 2.5 syns)
Mini cadburys flake (4syns)

9/ 15 syns

Day 2
Grapes and strawberry with weight watchers yogurt
Coffee + 1 sugar (1 syn)
Beans on wholemeal toast ( HEX.b)
Weightwatchers yogurt
Cucumber sticks
Pickled onion space raiders (3 syns)
Swimming world pasta ‘n’ sauce quiche **
Cheddar cheese 30g (HEX.a)
Baked beans
Mini cadburys flake x2 (8 syns)

12/15 syns

Day 3
Coffee + sugar (1 syn)
Strawberry’s and grapes with weightwatchers yogurt
Mini cadburys flake (4 syns)
Left over slimming world quiche and beans
Cheddar cheese 30g (HEX.a)
Beans on toast (HEX.b)
Melon, grapes with 0% fat Greek style yogurt
Honey tsp (2.5 syns)
Bar of cadburys dairy milk (12 syns)

19.5/15 syns

Day 4
Coffee+ sugar (1 syn)
Melon and grapes with weightwatchers yogurt
Picked onion space raider crisps (3 syns)
1x ryvita and chive Philadelphia (HEX.a &HEX.b)
Golden savory rice with quorn chicken pieces
Philadelphia stuffed chicken breast wrapped in bacon
Slimming world chips **
BBQ sauce TSP (1 syn)
1/2 a Mars bar (6 syns)

11/15 syns

Day 5
Strawberry and grapes with weightwatchers yogurt
Coffee + sugar (1 syn)
Picked onion space raider crisps (3syns)
Cheese sandwich (HEX.a & HEX.b)
Cups of beans
2x small glasses of dry white wine (8 syns)
1/2 a Mars bar (6 syns)

18/15 syns

Day 6
Strawberry’s and grapes with weightwatchers yogurt
Golden savoury rice with quorn chicken pieces
BBQ sauce tsp (1 syn)
Pickled onion space raider crisps (3 syns)
Melon and grapes with 0% fat Greek style yogurt
Tbsp honey (2.5 syns)
3 squares of chocolate (3.5 syns)

9/15 syns

Day 7
Coffee + sugar (1 syn)
Pasta ‘n’ sauce macaroni cheese (1.5 syns)
Weightwatchers yogurt
Baked potato with beans, tuna and sweetcorn
Cheddar cheese 30g (HEX.a)

2½/ 15 syns

* HEX.a = healthy extra a. HEX.b= healthy extra b

** Slimming world pasta and sauce quiche recipe (free)
Pasta ‘n’ sauce packet cooked with water (choose your preferred flavour)
3 medium sized potatoes
Tub of quark of far free cottage cheese
2 eggs
1 onion sliced
Bacon (with all fat cut off) or ham
30g of grated cheese for the top ( remember to syn if your not using as your healthy extra)
Salt & pepper to season
Pinch of mixed herbs (can leave out if you prefer)
– 3 quarter cook the potatoes in the microwave and leave to cool. When completely cooled slice them with the skins on. Get a pyrex dish (or any medium sized dish) and spray with frylight.
-Then lay the sliced potato across the bottom of the dish. Squash them down and fill in any gaps. Then cut the remainder of the potato slices in half and put the semi circles around the sides. This is your replacement pastry. Bake in the oven for 5-10 minutes to crisp a little ready for your mixture.
-cook the pasta ‘n’ sauce in water. Then beat the eggs and add to the pasta when cooled. Now you can add all your over ingrediants in and season to your taste.
– Top with your cheddar cheese and place in the oven at 190°/200° (adjusting to your oven) for 20 to 30 mins or until golden brown and crisp.

My partner and children love this and its perfect to take on picnics or to someone’s get together that isn’t slimming world friendly. And its dirt cheap too!
** Slimming world chips (LUSH)

Favourite food of this week (you can probably guess)


Overall I’m really happy with this weeks food and I’ve found that my appetite really decreased by the end of the week because I really focused on portion size. I feel less bloated and my skins looking loads better.
I know It may seem repeatative and boring but that works for me. There isn’t a massive variety of foods I like. When it comes to vegetables I’m pretty much a carrots and peas girl, maybe a fleurette of broccoli if im Feeling adventurous (not the stalks though, they are dirty yuk). Meat I don’t really eat much but if I do I stick to pork and chicken. I hate eggs with a passion, cooked any possible way they make bile rise in my mouth. Fish and seafood is a total no go, tuna is the only fish I will eat. Salad for me consists of lettuce and cucumber and maybe some cress if I want it to look pretty. So you can probably tell why I keep my menu basic. For this to work for me I have to be satisfied by food I enjoy. Any bland recipes would be greatly appreciated though!
I’ll see you next week for my next food diary and visit back to see if/ what I lose tomorrow! 


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