Slimming world, take 2!

So the take 2 refers to the fact that a year ago I joined slimming world and lasted about 6 weeks, losing just under a stone and a half, which I have put back on since adding an extra half a pound.
I joined last week (15/4/15) so have been at it exactly a week and so far so good.
I weighed in at a whopping 13 stone 8.5 pounds (Jesus fucking wept) I’m 5ft 3.5 and have a bmi of 33 if I remember rightly. My first target weight is 11stone 7 because I haven’t weighed that since before I had children.
For anyone that’s unfamiliar with slimming world I’ll explain the basics. The plan everyone now follows is called extra easy. This consists of free foods which you can eat as much as you need to be satisfied. Free foods are all fruit and vegetables, fish, meat and poultry, fat free dairy products, eggs,rice pasta and grains, beans peas and pulses. So to be fair there is more you can eat than you can’t. Next is your healthy extras which consist of an a and b that are made up of calcium and fibre rich food. They are also the only thing you have to weigh or measure. Then finally you have your syns, which is everything outside the other 2 categories. All the of the things us chunkers love! You get allocated in between 5-10 syns daily. Which isn’t much really considering a Mars bar is 12 syns! It loosely based on 20 calories = 1 syn. Syns depravity aside, even a habitual fussy eater like myself has no excuse to go hungry as there is so much you can eat when your syns are used up. It boils down to that dreaded power of will that I so sorely lack. The only thing I struggle with when it come to slimming world is that it doesn’t focus on one of the areas I need to change to make a thinner life sustainable. My ferocious appetite. You actually end up eating more than you had before, all be it better food. So  I’m trying to reinforce my lack of will power when in comes to my appetite with portion size control myself. No more american trucker sized meals for jodi!
I shall be posting my exact food diary that I write every day. Be prepared to see a lot of fruit and yogurt and extra light philli.



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