Please read the about me section to find out more about me and why I’ve started this blog. Thought I’d start with a reasonably flattering photo so not to scare anyone away. (False advertising as I’m no longer blonde and a bit fatter)


My beautiful boys, who beside all the bravado and vanity are the real reason I want to leave my big fat and sweaty existence behind. Nothing pains me more than the thought of being a source of embarrassment for my children. Living a long healthy life full of family activity I can actually cope with would be nice too!

Then there is my other half. And he really is the other half of me without getting to soppy, he was my first real love and will unconditionally be my last. I would love to be less repulsed by myself physically so I can appreciate our relationship again. Mostly I want to feel equal to him and that I’m not punching above my weight. He always says he loves every inch of me (that’s a fair few inches) but I want him to be able to mean it and not just protect my feelings.


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