All things cardio, sweat and tears

So I touched on the fact I’m pretty lazy. My only exercise consists of the school runs and the house work ( oh and my snack trips to the kitchen) . I don’t really have the time for full on hobby’s purely because I have two young children. I do love reading and watching american TV series ( Im a full on walking dead junkie, I’m your go to girl if a zombie turns up on your doorstep) and films but both of those consist of me sitting in my arse, which I am very good at by the way. That’s why I have vowed to start some serious fat burning exercise at leased 4 times a week even if it kills me (which it absofuckinglutley has!). This week I have already done three 40 minutes full on exercise. The combined working out I’ve done this week is more than I have ever done in one week. I can’t explain it any simpler than I’m totally fucked. My whole body aches and hurts and the surface for my skin didn’t even see that much sweat pushing a child out of my vagina. Honestly. It may sound like I’m exaggerating but I’m not. I bought Charlotte Crosby’s 3 minute belly blitz. I can now tell why she looks so incredible.



The DVD consists of a warm up (which had me gasping) then twelve 3 minute rounds and a bonus 10 minute abs at the end. Its all full on cardio and its hard. Really hard. Im only doing the first 6 rounds until I can increase my shameful fitness level. Thats about 30 minutes working out. It nearly ended me after the 6th round my legs where buckling. I actually cried through the 5th round, it hurt so bad. The 5th round was the hardest for me because it was floor stuff consisting of press ups, this dog thing and crunches. My upper body strength is non existent, my shoulders are bearing the brunt today (poor things trying to hold up my massive weight). I was really proud though, after I managed to stop crying enough to gather my own thought’s that I pushed through and finished what I set out to do.
After the torture of Charlotte’s DVD I did a 10 minute YouTube video I found called kryptonite booty that is all squats. I need to focus on my derrière as I have what I call a slab ass. Basically no ass at all. I really would like a ghetto booty to twerk with.
So to round up even though it was hell I can’t recommend Charlotte’s DVD more! It pushed me to my absolute limits and I only managed half. Hopefully session 4 will be a fraction easier. I shall keep you posted!



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