About me

My name is Jodi scanlan and I’m 23 and live in a village called Street (just outside the more commonly known Glastonbury) in Somerset. I have two wonderful sons, my eldest is Nicky and my  yougen is Frankie. I also have an amazing partner of 8 years called Dominick.

I wanted to start a blog because I’m basically a gob shite. Never happier than when my mouth is moving! Speaking of mouths, that brings me to the other reason I’ve created this blog. If my mouth isn’t moving rapidly because I always have something to say, then its chewing the copious amount of food I force in my face a day! I’m not exaggerating either. I’m never one to beat around the bush i’m fat and pretty lazy and a ridiculously fussy eater. All my favourite foods (which make up the majority of my diet as I have the will power of the common fatty) are either processed or dripping in fat or sugar. I hate trying new things and I’m as stubborn as a mule.

As much as I’d love people to read my blog, its more about forcing some motivation through the fear of possible humiliation. Last Wednesday (15/04/15) I rejoined slimming world in my local British legion with the intentions of really making it work for me this time and just writing it in a place where others can read, ridicule and support me I think will only increase my chances of success.

I have been on and off fat since about 8 years old, and I’m not saying this for sympathy as I’m well aware that it has always been my own doing. I don’t blame my chubby physique on anything other than too much shit food and enjoying the cushioning of my arse too much. That’s why I’ve started exercising too with the intentions of making exercise a part of my everyday life that it has severely lacked.

I’ve read lots of weight loss blogs in the past but my intention for mine is not the same as the vast majority I have read. I want to be 100% honest about my trials and tribulations. Also I’m a young (ish) mum of two currently on benefits therefore an incredibly low income. I’m sick of reading healthy meal plans that even if I could afford I would never eat being a self proclaimed picky eater. I want to make this work for me with normal everyday fresh foods with meals I can make quickly and actually enjoy.

As much as I’m doing this to document my journey to fitness and health it will also be a place for me to be me. I hope that I’m not completely exhausted by cucumbers and cardio and that I’ll have time to write about the many other aspects of my life and things that I’m passionate about, which if you haven’t guessed there are plenty of.

It takes a lot to offend me but little to iritate me. I love a healthy level of debate and I’m all for humour sharp whit and sarcasm. :


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